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The Music Retail Show

Jun 28, 2018

In this episode Nathan and Richard sit down with the owner of Maxwell's House of Music, a brick and mortar music store located in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  Mark is an industry vet with valuable insights.  Check out his store at

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Jun 18, 2018

In this episode Richard and Nate discuss what you need to be doing to get prepared heading into the NAMM show.  If you own a music store or sell guitars online you need to have a plan heading into the show.

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Jun 12, 2018

It's recently been said the electric guitar is dead or dying. No way! Most industry stats actually suggest the opposite. In this episode, Richard and Nate discuss the Musical Instrument Industry as a whole and specifically how the electric guitar is not going anywhere anytime soon.

 If you own or manage a music store or...