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The Music Retail Show

May 14, 2019

In this episode we sit down with guitarist and YouTube influencer, Rhett Shull.  Rhett is not only an amazing musician, but has harnessed the power of YouTube and is creating some of the best videos out there.  We discuss his channel and also tactics and tips to grow your presence on YouTube and much more.

Check out his...

May 7, 2019

In this episode we sit down with Zach Broyles of Mythos Pedals.
Based in Nashville, TN - Zach has built Mythos from the ground up and is gaining ground fast in the pedal community.

His pedals like the Mjolnir Overdrive, Golden Fleece Fuzz, Chupacabra Overdrive/Fuzz, Argo Octave Fuzz, and more are seen on some of today's...

Apr 30, 2019

In this episode we sat down with MI Industry vets and good friends Glen Wolff and Terry Myers of Taylor.  We talk about what's new with Taylor and chat about the industry as a whole.  We also touch on Glen's involvement in a new product call the Acousti-Lok from Music Nomad.  Any chance we have to sit down and talk with...

Apr 23, 2019

In this episode Richard and Nathan sit down with the strongest man in music retail, Chris Honeycutt - owner of Honeycutt Music.  Chris has a great success story and continues to thrive in today's retail environment.  

Find Honeycutt Music online:


Apr 12, 2019

In this episode we sat down with owner Ryan Nixon at the Amigo Guitar Show in Franklin, TN.  We talk Ryan's history and some of the realities of music retail as well as some strategy for staying positive and profitable.  Ryan is a great friend and all around great guy!


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